Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Services FAQ

Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage is specific for Post-Surgical clients including, but not limited to, BBL, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Etc.

Whereas, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is open to anyone looking to move fluids within and out of the lymphatic system or just looking to try a new modality out!

Designed for two people in the same room to enjoy a side-by-side massage for any of our available durations. Rose petals can be added with no additional charge, By Request Only. We do NOT offer champagne.

You MUST be in your 2nd Trimester to receive ANY massage

Advanced means the therapist has done specific training to enhance their skill within the modality and can target more specific areas or problems.

All Therapeutic massages and Bodywork are performed at our Main location by Licensed Massage Therapists.