Continuing Ed for Massage Therapists

Continuing Education

Continuing Ed for Licensed Massage Therapists

Continue to grow your craft as a massage therapist with the highest quality massage education in Rockford, IL. Taught by highly skilled instructors in Illinois and around the country.


All of our classes are approved by NCBTMB for licensed massage therapists. All out-of-state LMT's need to check with their state governing boards for specific info in regarding to continuing education requirements per state.

  • Earn your CEUs

  • Stay up-to-date on latest techniques

  • Learn advanced modalities

  • Highly Experienced Instructors

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists
Rock Valley College Massage therapy Program by Bodycraft Wellness

Upcoming Classes

Infant Massage Certification
Wednesday, July 10

Infant Massage (4 CE)

When: Wednesday, July 10, 2pm

Where: 3301 North Mulford Road Classroom Building II Rockford, IL 61114

Cost: $125

Scar Tissue Massage Classes in Illinois
Saturday, July 13

Scar Tissue (12 CE)

When: Saturday, July 13, 10am - July 14

Where: 3301 North Mulford Road Classroom Building II Rockford, IL 61114

Cost: $349

Massage Classes Catalog

Master your craft and keep improving as a professional massage therapist with the following classes available from Bodycraft Wellness & Massage Center through Rock Valley College and instructors around the nation.

Kansa Face Wand Massage Classes

NEW! Marma Kansa Face Wand Massage

Learn how to reduce stress and provide gentle face lifting using a Bronze capped massage wand! Kansa wand massage technique helps to replenish your client's skins natural vitality, reducing visible signs of aging and brings out an exuberant glow on their face.

Indian Head Massage Classes

NEW! Marma Indian Head Massage

Marma Indian Head Massage is a form of relaxation technique that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back, and upper arms. Learn a specialty modality that has a balancing effect on the nervous system of your client and helps them release stress and tension creating a new sense of peace & well-being. 

Forearm Fusion Massage Classes

Forearm Fusion® Foundation

This modality teaches how to use maximum pressure with minimal effort and strain while incorporating better body mechanics that focus on using your forearms and elbows. Allowing you to provide clients with deep and consistent pressure while avoiding repetitive use injuries and burnout that commonly occur in the hands and thumbs.

Forearm Fusion Massage Classes

ADVANCED Forearm Fusion®

Learn over 20 techniques to work with clients in the prone, supine, and side-lying positions. Some of the muscle groups worked on in this class are the lateral rotators of the hip, scalenes, iliopsoas, and individual muscles of the rotator cuff.

LMT's will continue to learn and build on their foundational body mechanics and use different aspects of their forearm and elbow to apply deep tissue techniques with minimal effort and strain. 

Prior Forearm Fusion training is recommended, but not required. 

Prenatal Massage Classes and Certification

Prenatal Massage Certificate

Prenatal and labor massage techniques include preconception, pregnancy, and infertility along with postnatal and infant techniques. You will also learn about the anatomy and physiology effects of pregnancy as well as the benefits and contraindications.

Lomi Lomi Massage Classes

Lomi Lomi

A traditional massage technique from Hawaii that focuses on the energy movement between the massage therapist and their client. You will learn how the movement transferred to the client is like an ocean wave, with each movement flowing into the next. 

Bamboo Fusion Massage Classes

Bamboo-Fusion® Massage Class

An innovative way to provide deep tissue, full-body massages using lubricant and warm bamboo tools. This modality has less of a strain on the therapist's body while still providing clients with a luxurious massage that incorporates firm pressure and soothing heat.

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Classes in Illinois

Reiki Level I & II

This energy healing technique promotes energetic self-care and focuses on how we serve others. While exploring energetic communication, you will receive hands-on experience and learn about full-body Reiki treatments, Ancient Breath Modalities, Energy Clearing, creating a Sacred Space, and Smudging with sacred medicines and essential oils.

Hospice Massage Classes

Massage and Hospice Care

Learn how to care for someone in Hospice care and provide them with the best comfort care or supportive care they need. This course teaches an in-depth understanding of guidelines set forth by Hospice agencies using the latest research, practice settings, body positions, techniques, and stages of grief.

Myofacial Release Training

Myofascial Skills: Cranial, Shoulder, Pelvis, & Upper

Learn how to properly use body mechanics, working from the core, to avoid straining your joints. This modality will teach you how to detect verbal and visual cues the client may be giving that indicate appropriate or inappropriate application of the techniques and massage approach.

You will learn instructional skills on how to "coach" your client to be an active participant during the massage session as well as ten basic self-care measures to share with your client.

Aromatherapy Basics Classes

Aromatherapy Basics

This course provides the foundational information and skills you need to understand how and why essential oils work so well. You will learn about specific essential oils, aromatic techniques, and basic layering application methods used in aromatherapy.

Raindrop Technique Classes

Raindrop Technique

Unique, holistic method that helps restore balance to all levels of the body. Sacred and incredibly therapeutic delivery of essential oils inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force.

Cupping for massage classes

Cupping For Massage

One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the "separation" that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated waste and congestion.

Sport Massage Classes

Sports Massage

Improve cardio-pulmonary efficiency with clear contraindications, approaches to address rotator cuff and anterior cruciate ligament problems, easy-to-implement, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques, methods to correcting leg-length discrepancies, reciprocal inhibition, and much more.

Scar Tissue Massage Classes
Saturday, July 13

Scar Tissue Massage

The massage techniques and practices covered in this class focus on the connective tissue processes of would healing, both post-surgery and post-injury. This includes the energy dynamics of scar tissue remodeling.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course - Bodycraft Wellness

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Learn powerful skills in the field of manual lymphatic drainage on how to effectively encourage and support the natural drainage of lymph. Lymphatic drainage is in high demand as a preventative care measure and presents a great opportunity for working with doctors in a variety of pre-and post-surgical procedures or great addition to your set of modalities.

Additional Classes Available

Many more core classes are offered in person including:

• Hot Stone

• Ethics and Sexual Harassment Somatics

• Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT)

• Seated Chair Massage

• Geriatrics

• Floating Joints

• Spa Add-ons

• Gua Sha, and more!

Sponsored Classes

Oct 19-20, 2024 Rockford, IL


Learn to assess and treat soft tissue injuries, nerve entrapment pain, and joint fixations. Learn WHY they work and HOW to change the brain’s mind about your client’s pain… the MAT way! This is an extremely popular hands-on pain-rehab technique workshop

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"RVC Massage Therapy Program does an excellent job in preparing their students to graduate, to take State Boards and pass so that we can start our massage therapy career!"
- Patti (Bodycraft Graduate)


Nationally Approved C.E. Massage Classes

All our massage therapy continuing education classes are approved by the National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).


Bodycraft Wellness is also registered with the Division Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and an Assigned School with the National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) for Massage Therapists.

Quality Education For Practicing LMTs in Illinois

As techniques and modalities improve, it's important to keep learning in order to provide the best healing and stay current as a licensed massage therapist.


Our massage therapy continuing education classes give you access to the latest information and education by highly trained, nationally recognized, and practicing instructors in Illinois.


As a Bodycraft Wellness student, you will also have access to live webinars for topics including:


Tensegrity & Bodywork

Chronic patterns involve the entire body while at the same time having local phenomena. While each individual is organized uniquely, there are commonalities to these forces based on the principles of a tensegrity-based structure. In this webinar, learn about tensegrity principles and how they relate to the concept of working deeply into tissue layers without having to apply heavy pressure.


Self-Care for Massage Therapists

Improve your flexibility, strength, and length of your career by focusing on self-care. In this webinar, learn how to develop a system of self-care and focus on body mechanics that will allow you to function as an aggressive, structural massage therapist for your entire career.


Philosophical Physiology

As we see the body and mind merge into "body-mind", the physiology of tissues in the process of functioning becomes organized and governed by emotions, enabled through proprioception. Since our emotions play out within our own philosophies, this webinar explores how we connect our values through our perceptions to our emotions through our unconscious mind to our proprioceptors, muscle tone, and collagen fiber /fascial structure.

Massage Certification Electives

We are proud to offer both Massage Certification Program electives and Continuing Education for Massage Therapist through Rock Valley Community College.


All Continuing Education classes for Massage Therapists and instructors are Approved by NCBTMB.


All CE classes are held at Rock Valley College in Classroom Building II (CLII) Rooms 122 and 127.  This building is most easily accessed from the Spring Brook Road entrance. We have free parking and massage tables are provided.  Please bring your own sheets, lotions, blankets and whatever other items are indicated necessary with each CE class.

Have Questions About C.E. Classes?

For more information about massage classes and state requirements, contact Jamie Fanara, RVC Massage Training Program Director at (815) 977-4743 or send a message using the form.

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