Why In-Person LMT Continuing Education is Better

With the rise of remote learning and online classes, it seems taking courses online is all the rage! However, they lack one (actually several) very key component for license massage therapists – the hands-on experience.

Almost every massage technique and modality are hands-on and needs to be practiced continuously (and taught the right way) to be perfected.

Let’s explore reasons why in-person CE classes are they way to go.

Real-Time Feedback

It would be very challenging for an instructor to see and feel how well a LMT is performing a modality without being there in person and give constructive feedback.

Not only that, we as massage therapist love to learn and help each other! Having a fellow LMT watch and give you responsive, immediate feedback if you are pressing too hard or not doing the motion correctly is critical to learning a new technique correctly and efficiently.

Higher Clarity, Less Mistakes

Having that face-to-face interaction provides greater clarity and understanding while having the chance to ask questions in real-time. Now one may argue you can do this online say from a zoom training class, but it’s just not the same.

Being in a classroom, the instructor will be able to physically correct any mistakes and you have the perk of asking any questions right there as you are performing the modality or training.

Hands-On Practice Time

Aside from lecture time, many of our students get the chance to do plenty of hands-on practice and receive one-on-one attention from the instructor(s). This alone is a huge plus!

Seasoned massaged therapists will all agree having proper body mechanics is very important in order to avoid injury and fatigue.

This is why in-person + hands-on training is so beneficial!

You get to practice the new technique/ modality the right way while increasing the quality of massage you intend on providing to your clients using safe movements.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as learning a new technique, but takes physical, hands-on experience and Michelle from Good Day Stateline and Jamie explained it best, so go check out that interview!

Watch: Receive hands on learning with Rock Valley College’s massage therapy program

Less Distractions, Better Focus

At Bodycraft Wellness, we believe natural human contact is always best, especially in our industry.

Being in a classroom gives you the chance to step away from distractions and really absorb the material being presented. This by itself lessens your liability and greatly ensures you are receiving the proper training.

Meet New Friends, More Opportunities

Many of our LMT’s make new friends and connections with fellow massage therapists around the nation when they meet in person. Meeting someone new in person vs. online just builds more trust and you get to share your personality, experience and so much more.

Online Classes Can’t Fully Prepare You For Success

Our goal is to inspire, teach, and develop confident massage therapists in Illinois and across the nation.

As a leading massage therapy school in Illinois, we want to make sure massage therapists (or anyone taking our courses) receive the highest quality education and training to become their best in the trade.

Final Verdict: In-Person is the Way to Go

In short, online massage classes simply cannot provide the same level of insight, experience, and access to equipment needed in order to become a professional massage therapist.

While we are not completely discrediting online courses, in this trade the hands-on approach simply provides the most value and based on feedback from students and LMT’s alike, we feel in-person is the way to go.

If you’re interested, our continuing education (CE) courses are offered at Rock Valley College campus in Rockford, IL with a variety of classes taught by talented and well-known instructors locally and nationally.

If you are looking for continuing education for Illinois massage license renewal, check out our upcoming classes offered throughout the year.

Jamie Fanara Bodycraft Wellness Massage Center

Written by: Jamie Fanara

Jamie Fanara is the owner of Bodycraft Wellness & Massage Center and has been a professional massage therapist since 2005, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, BCTMB board approved and NCBTMB Approved Provider & Assigned Massage School Program Director in Illinois. Visit her about page for more info