Meet Our Rising Stars

There comes a time when a student (or in this case a group of students) leave such an impact on us as instructors, that the experience becomes hard to forget and something to cherish forever. This fabulous group dubbed as the Fab Five by Rock Valley College, left such an impact for how well they did during our Spring 2023 massage program we had to brag about them.

Not knowing they would become the best of friends and talented massage therapists, these recent graduates known as: Lilia Mendoza, Shauniqua Jones, Jozlynn Overton, Monica Snyder, and Tracy Orims have become the latest sensation and part of our family at Bodycraft Wellness and RVC.

From learning and memorizing muscle groups, deep tissue techniques, bodywork therapies and quizzing each other, this amazing group endured till the end – rightfully walking across the stage together!

Starting off as complete strangers in the massage program, they endured tough life challenges while also celebrating the best of times. One of those challenges was our very own Tracy Orims (one of the fabulous five) which she shared the following:

“I gained a family that never gave up on me when I was battling health issues that could have taken my life. My director, instructors, and classmates fought for me until the day I walked across the stage.”

The director she was referring to is your’s truly Jamie Fanara!

I have lead the massage program at RVC since 2013 and have over 17 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist right here in Rockford. My passion for wellness and commitment to help inspiring successful massage therapists has led to the creation of our highly regarded massage therapy school right here in Rockford.

Without RVC and the amazing instructors we have, I could not see myself doing what I’m doing today which is helping people understand true wellness and even becoming business owners themselves in the wonderful world of wellness. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team!

The fact that I can help contribute to our industry in such a positive way is very special to me.

About the Massage Program

Our massage program consists of the required 600-hour criteria to help prepare students become professional licensed massage therapists. Our program is very hands-on and taught by practicing instructors who have been in the field for years.

Just like the Fab Five, our graduates become eligible to take the licensing exam to officially become licensed massage therapists. As instructors, we do everything we can to make sure our students are well-equipped, confident, and successful in this exciting career.

The program is usually completed in just 12 months and many graduates find themselves working in spas, healthcare facilities, massage & bodywork offices, gyms, and even starting their own massage therapy business!

But it doesn’t stop there. We have an abundance of resources available to our students. From webinars, Workforce Connection resources, scholarships, advanced massage training classes we have really tried to make our massage therapy program the best it can be by helping our students before, during, and after they graduate.

What’s next for the Fabulous Five?

With the hard work behind them, they are off to start their careers as licensed massage therapists. They will be using their training and deep understanding of massage therapy techniques and modalities to help bring healing to the world through massage and holistic healing.

After spending time with them, seeing what they have accomplished in such a short amount of time, and getting to know them on a personal leveI, I have no doubt they will be amazing massage therapists and I am so proud to have been part of their journey!

They have endured so much and their hearts are bigger than you can imagine. From unexpected life events to tears of joy at the ceremony, I will always remember them and want to tell each one they are always welcomed at RVC and Bodycraft Wellness!

If you would like more information about our program, sign up or ask questions. Please visit our Massage Therapy School page or give us a call at (815) 977-4743.