Can A Back Massage Relieve Back Pain?

Can A Back Massage Relieve Back Pain?

One of the most common forms of pain experienced by many is back pain. Back pain is caused by a plethora of different reasons, all causing pain that ranges in severity and longevity depending on the root cause of the pain.

Many of our clients here at Bodycraft Wellness seek a therapeutic massage because of some sort of pain they are in. One of those being back pain.

In this article we will discuss how massage therapy can help relieve back pain or even get rid of it completly based on research and actual experiences from clients.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain can have several different causes. Muscle or ligament strain is among one of the most common causes.

Here are a few examples of how back pain and strains can happen:

  • Sitting on a chair with poor posture
  • Slouching within a seat
  • Constantly bending over
  • Improperly lifting heavy weights
  • Car accident
Causes of back pain

Osteoarthritis is another common cause of back pain. Patients who have osteoarthritis suffer from tissues breaking down in the joints over time.

Any of these can have uncomfortable or painful side effects. Common symptoms of back issues include stiffness within the back or lower back area, difficulty walking, sitting up, or bending down, muscle spasms, pain that spreads past the back and into one or two legs, a hot, burning, or stabbing feeling, and weakness, numbness, or tingling sensation.

If you are experiencing any of these, you should always seek medical attention first!

How Massage Helps with Back Pain

Once you are cleared by your doctor and given the ok, trying a therapeutic massage can be a smart move.

As bodyworkers and massage therapists, we are highly trained and specialized to treat and relieve pain.

There are unique massages and techniques we use from deep tissue targeting, which is great if you’re looking to relax your back muscles, relieve back pain and strains

to something more specialized such as Bamboo Fusion which involves the use of bamboo sticks to loosen knots, reduce stiffness and increase blood flow and circulation.

Being honest and talking to your massage therapists about the pain you are experiencing is the first step!

Massage Therapists Are Experts At Relieving Back Pain

Massage therapists also know what to look out for during your therapy to provide a relieving experience.

There are many different types of massages you can choose from to help with back pain. Each is performed differently and targets different parts of the body.

A Swedish massage for example is a gentle massage performed with long, tender strokes. These gentle strokes are applied with light pressure and promote relaxation and pain relief where you need it.

If you are suffering from tightness or stiffness in your back, myofascial release can help relieve any pain or discomfort. This therapy focuses on the fascia tissues, which are stringy connective tissue that surrounds every part of your body.

This includes your muscles, organs, bones, nerves, and blood vessels.

The most popular choice is the Swissue – which is our combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue. The Swissue allows the therapist to combine deep tissue techniques to pinpoint specific areas (such as lower back) while providing the relaxation benefits of swedish.

Sometimes active individuals or athletes suffer from an injury or back soreness which a sports massage is perfect for active individuals.

These are testimonials from clients who were suffering from back pain:

“Mary was extremely great at her job and recognizing problem areas in my body. She was able to massage my lower back disc like no one has ever done in my life. I will definitely be a returning costumers. Extremely satisfied.”
“The atmosphere is calming and the therapists are professional. I try to go once a month to alleviate back pain. I feel my body start to relax and heal as soon as I open the door to the warm and inviting environment and interact with the friendly staff.”
“The staff is friendly and professional, and Kimberly did a great job finding my problem areas, and did something to one of my neck muscles which cured a headache I didn’t even realize I had.”

So Which Massage Is Best For Back Pain?

All the previously mentioned massages are performed differently, have similar and different benefits, and target different parts of the body in different ways.

Some massages are best for the lower back while others are best for the mid to upper back and neck areas so talking to your massage therapist especially if it’s your first time is a must.

However, based on your preferences and needs, you may choose a deep massage or our very own Swissue (our most popular choice).

Communication is key!

Enhancements such as Hot Stones may be worth trying to relax the muscles for deeper, yet relaxing pressure if needed.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with getting a massage for your back. Our backs are designed to provide tremendous structural support and consequently take a lot of abuse because of bad habits or from normal daily use.

Don’t let troublesome, consistent back pain ruin your day-to-day routine.

Find the relief your body needs with one of our professional massage therapists and book your back massage right here in Rockford, IL and say goodbye to back pain!

Common Back Massage Questions & Misconceptions

Jamie Fanara Bodycraft Wellness Massage Center

Written by: Jamie Fanara

Jamie Fanara is the owner of Bodycraft Wellness & Massage Center and has been a professional massage therapist since 2005, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, BCTMB board approved and NCBTMB Approved Provider & Assigned Massage School Program Director in Illinois. Visit her about page for more info