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Find optimal healing between the walls of Bodycraft Wellness & Massage Center. Our dedicated and skilled massage therapists in Rockford and bodyworkers are ready to transform your stress or pain into relaxed, healing-promoting state your body has been yearning for.

Therapeutic Massages

Below are our most popular massage therapies offered at Bodycraft.
Each one crafted to help you feel better, alleviate pain and promote positive change to your body.

Swedish Massage Rockford

Relaxation Massage

Full body relaxation of a Swedish massage as well as the added therapeutic benefits of deep tissue work on problem areas. Most popular form of massage to help you relax and improve energy.

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Myofascial Release Therapy Rockford

Myofascial Release

Relieve or reduce pain so that you can return to normal or active daily routine. Relieve tightness and stress. Most commonly used for headaches, disc problems, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and much more!

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Hot Stone Massage Rockford

Hot Stone Massage

Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points and energy centers throughout the body. The heat relaxes the muscles which can improve circulation, calm the nervous system, and rebalance the mind and body.

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Couples Massage Rockford

Couples Massage

Share the experience of well-being and relaxation by unwinding with someone special. Say goodbye to stress together! Enjoy a therapeutic massage and release tension side-by-side with your loved one.

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Bodywork & Energy Therapies

Take you wellness one step further with these specialized therapies. Each one is crafted to meet your specific needs of healing and restore your well-being by our highly trained bodyworkers and energy therapists.

CrainoSacral Therapy Rockford - Bodycraft Wellness

CranioSacral Therapy

Gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system. Great for treating medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction such as nervous system disorders, migraines, autism, and PTSD.

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Reiki Healing Massage


A Japanese hands-on energy healing art. It is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can benefit from. Treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit for best relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

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Raindrop Therapy Massage in Rockford, IL

Raindrop Therapy

A healing technique using pure therapeutic grade essential oils; it combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment of the body.

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Face Toning Massage

Face Toning Massage

This gentle method of tightening and toning the facial muscles may help assist in reducing signs of aging without the use of chemicals, surgery or Botox. Enjoy the natural glow this session will bring to your face!

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Start Relaxing, Nurture Your Body

Experience the power of natural healing, wellness and massage in Rockford, IL

What Others Are Saying


Tammy Ferrin

"First time going there! We had a couple's massage. The staff was amazing! Molly and Kim did a fantastic job!! Can't wait to go back!!!"


Keia K.

"The atmosphere of Bodycraft is really inviting. Everyone is really nice and the massages are wonderful. Emma did a great job on my massage!"


Mike Dahlberg

"I am 54 male and this was my 1st massage. I have Chronic pain but What a difference it made. Looking forward to next one. Immaculate, professional, and highly experienced . Do yourself a favor and try it."


Jemece Hyatt

"Excellent customer service when calling in and I love that you can book online and see full schedules. Not to to mention the massage therapists here are top notch."

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